Is it possible for a diamond to be cut perfectly spherical? (So that it might look as if a crystal ball would)






  1. Yes, but with much difficulty…mainly because of the diamond’s cleavage planes. The “cut” of a diamond into a faceted gem relies on these planes. If the cutter were not very careful, during the turning of the diamond on a lathe, a small inclusion, crystal lattice defect, or bubble in the mineral could cause an imperfection that the cutting tool could catch on and split – or cleave – the specimen. Of course, at the molecular level, a “perfectly” smooth sphere would be impossible because of the crystallography.

  2. Fashion goes through phases, once upon a time diamonds where loved for their lustre, which is how shiny their surface is, so were wedge cut. Now people prefer their fire and brilliance, so the so called brilliant cut is the most popular. Brilliance is how much light it refracts back at the veiwer, fire is the extent to which it splits up the specrtra, so you see nice firey reds and blues twinkling in there. Purty things diamonds.

  3. We can make the spherical shape diamond in a lathe machine with the use of diamond dressers. But nobody likes it and it will have no market value.Just because of its high refraction index we provide flats in its outer surface. Modern technics are found to get better refraction. Therefore the modern cut diamonds are more valuable than old.

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