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is it possible for a cat to possess negative potential energy? negative kinetic energy?

thanks, for helping on the 1st question, pls.. help me again.. Its one of our question in finals. I don’t know If my answers were right..


  1. you can define potential energy to be zero at any point. so yes, if you define potential to be zero on the top of a table, and the cat is under the table, it has negative gravitational potential energy. you cannot however have negative kinetic energy because the velocity term is squared and you cant have negative mass (at least for a cat). hope this helps!

  2. A cat can possess negative potential energy in many ways. One way is with gravity. If you define the ground to be where y=0 ( this means that up ground your height is positive and below ground your height is negative.). Now take your cat into a cellar or dig a hole. Just get the cat below ground level. Now the formula for potential energy is m*g*h. m and g are positive but the h is negative. So, the cat has negative potential energy.
    A cat cannot have negative kinetic energy. the formula for kinetic energy is (1/2)m*v^2. m is always positive and v^2 is always positive. (v is the cat’s velocity.) This will always result in a positive kinetic energy

  3. NO as Much as science man knows negative energy does exist commonly!!!
    let it be potential or kinetic negative energy does not exist!!!!
    HOWEVER according to latest researches scientists find that negative energy”MAY” exist but everytime it is coupled with the normal possetive energy and as such U CAN NOT ISOLATE NEGATIVE ENEGRY !
    so your cat can never have have a total of “negative energy!”
    But yes! there can be a CHANGE in potential and kinetic energy bu the total energy and mass of the universe is constant..


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