is it possible for a black cat to heal & cure?





by rudy12:

i have a black cat,that ever so often sits next to me,stares at my eyes, and places his paw on top of my hand,with claws extended.he just sits there starring at me,putting pressure down on my hand with his paw. i would think nothing of this except i really feel some type of energy passing from him to me.i am 57yrs old perfect health,no colds nothing.i dont believe in magic,whichcraft,or any psychic stuff,i really dont,but something is definitely occuring here. what?
i have been told cats are highly energic,that is they have control of their energy that people dont. all living things have a aura[energy]. i am very skeptical but i must insist this cat is transfering something to me. i need help understanding this. oh, choko-ca i like your hat.

Answer by Vintage Barbie
Of course not. Don’t be silly.


  1. You’re a sensible, reasonable fellow who doesn’t believe in magic, witchcraft or any psychic stuff, and yet you seriously believe that your CAT is transmitting some kind of unmeasurable, undetectable energy to you through his paws that’s keeping you from getting either sick or injured in any way. This is as opposed to the notion that you’re simply an really healthy guy and the cat thing is your imagination.
    Which is more likely?

  2. While living with cats and/or dogs can have some positive benefits in our lives, I don’t think they can do a laying on of paws the way you describe. Maybe his paw is warm, maybe you hope to get something from it, and you’re experiencing a placebo effect.

  3. The energy that’s passing from him to you is called heat. There’s no magic involved, you’re just relatively [physically] healthy.

  4. No. But there was a thing going around on the internet that the Rest Home cat would come and sit on the bed of the next person who was going to die.
    Apparently fading people, must emit an aroma, that the cat could detect.
    Dogs are not trained to smell cancers, and they are 99% accurate.

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