Home Discussion Forum Is it possible animals communicate through telepathy?

Is it possible animals communicate through telepathy?


  1. well you know. i guess anything is possible. but somehow i seriously doubt it =S. maybe one day science will tell us more 😛

  2. If they did, why would they have to vocalize?
    No animal, no human can communicate telepathically.
    Telepathy is pure bunk.

  3. I think it’s possible. I’ve watched feral cats living in communities and they all have a slient code of conduct. What i found most interesting was the way a mother cat communicated with her young ones at feeding time. I used to leave some food slightly indoors for them, and the mum would sit side ways in the doorway, guarding the entrance. She would simply look at her kittens who wouldn’t even be looking her way, and they would turn around then come one by one for their food. Cats at least seem to have a form of telepathy.

  4. Yes, it require a lot of meditation and repetition. Meditation can lead to different abilities and path. This is my opinion, please don’t take it seriously. Honestly, it is difficult to communicate telepathically. If you are dedicated to this, then anything is possible!


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