• Not really. We know Buddha’s history pretty well, and he never entered the area of the world Abraham did his thing in. Plus, Buddha did not teach the same things Abraham did. Abraham made no bones about the fact he was serving the Hebrew God, and trying to bring forth His will.

    Buddha, for his part, stubbornly refused to validate the existence of any God, saying that was not the focus of his efforts or teachings. He was concerned with helping people reach peaceful enlightenment by abandoning desire… a point of view not even close to Abraham’s.

    Plus, you do have to contend with little things, such as the fact Siddhartha had no problems eating pork, while Abraham was forbidden to do so. Siddhartha didn’t believe in animal sacrifice, Abraham did. Siddhartha lived about 563 BC. Abraham lived approximately 2000 BC, which would have made him at least 1500 years old when he died if he had been both men.

  • No, it is not, because Abraham is considered the father of faith, and represents God. He didn’t start a religion opposed to God. We shouldn’t be hating anyway.

  • Maybe but what about the Muslim’s Holiest man?

    One can only know, in our hearts: that LOVE will win in the end. to me, LOVE is GOD. God is LOVE….I can add some Bible quotes like 1 John 4:8 for those who need them, but . I “KNOW” God inherently is LOVE in my HEART> just the same as I Know:

    “our thoughts are our world…. (loosely interpreted from Budha)

    when we die, all that is left is our thoughts/SOUL (if you will call it that) or better yet::: THIS ONE::

    “Be the change you wish to see in this world” Gandhi

    What will be left is our KIND WORKS…. The Catholic church believes in kind works! As do I, coincidentally!!! : )
    I love it when my will/desire coincides with my faith. Sometimes, (as from the Avatar name you may see) I have lustful thoughts, just like any human being. but mostly, my soul is good. I strive to make the world a better place for humanity! This is something I truly live for. I donate blood. I’m vegan. I eat organic … buy fair trade items, living wage for 3rd world countries, all that… ride the bus or walk whenever possible…

    GOD works through the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is in every soul, every human being. Yes,…
    GOD works through man, Buddha, Abraham, etc? yes? I think everything is indeed connected. all apart of the whole. all were good men, seeking GOOD for humanity. If Catholic faith is one “true” faith, then people who died of other faiths, but lived a decent moral good life will only go to the “reading ” room of purgatory where they only must accept and learn of Jesus. That is how my Catholic Priest explained it to me. If, some one had lived a decent moral life, and never knew of Jesus, surely he could choose Jesus, if given the option during his life.

    Thanks for defining more about Budhism. I enjoy hearing about it. I’m actually vegan. All that animal sacrifice is quite distasteful. That’s why God created a better way to salvation: Jesus. I don’t think God would approve of the CAFOS and animal factory farms that the world has today. I think animals/meat is to be treated more humanely. free range, hunted, etc. (at least they were happy). also…

  • People have created thousands of gods to explain the unknown. They are all the same thing–a product of the imagination.

  • Most likely it is not, Abraham was certainly earlier that Buddha.But, Brahmin could be variant of Abraham, only God knows.

  • No, it just means that religions nicked their central figure, including the entire story from other religions. Changed a few details, made the asian guy a whit guy, changed the mother’s name a bit and voila, a new religion is founded. As with so many stories that were nicked from others, the sequels never are that good…

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