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Is it okay to watch TV while doing Tai Chi standing qi gong/meditation?

I originally thought this must be incorrect… because the mind is not cleared if one is watching TV, but I heard that another Yang style Tai Chi instructor watches TV while he does his standing qi gong/meditation. Is this possible if you stay in a natural and relaxed state; being aware of the TV, but not concentrating on it?


  • It is theoretically possible, and it may work for him, but it is very difficult and it is very unlikely to work for you. It’s one of those things “If you need to ask a question like this, then the answer is no.”

  • haha well actually it depends really. Cause a tv is hypnotic like a camp fire. If there is no sound and just images, it can actually help clear the mind, only if you dont actually pay attention to whats going on though.
    Because if you pay attention to the story in the tv, it wont have the same clearing of the mind effect.
    But yer what you want is a quite place where you can let your mind go blank, whilst focusing on your exercise.
    So yes it pretty much is possible to stay in a natural relaxed state whilst watching tv : )

    hope that answers your question : )

  • The place must be quite and no disturbance while you are doing those, so if you perform it while watching TV then it will divide your mind and will going to loss your concentration, in that point self presence are worthless to the essence of your purposes.

    Good luck


  • Typically no, I usually meditate late in the evening or early morning when my family is asleep, so that I’m not disturbed. I don’t even like it when someone is mowing their lawn or blowing leaves with a leaf blower.

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