Is it okay to take a yoga class tonight if I'm still sore from a previous workout?

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Yesterday was my first day back to the gym in a few months, and my arms, chest, shoulders, and thighs are pretty sore. I was thinking of taking a yoga class tonight, however, I’ve been reading that you should not work sore muscles. Would Yoga be considered inappropriate even though it mostly consists of stretching?

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heck no!


Just stretch first if pain becomes worse than don’t go.


um not really if ur allready sore doubling that would suck! wait at least a week

Tia J

go do yoga, whenever i have sore muscles i do a few strethches, and it works great! Hope i helped!

Arnold B

You shouldn’t do it, or else tomorrow you won’t be able to move. Rest for a day or two.


I think it’d be fine, and if you feel more pain than usual then stop.


No!!!! Go to your yoga class!! You will feel alot better!! 🙂

Jennifer L

i would go for it…my trainer used to work me with sore muscles


depends on your body…if you are sore you might just really need a good streching. If you go to Yoga just don’t overdue it…take it slow and do what you can.


If you’re sore you should probably sit this one out.


I think yoga would be good. I think it will be very relaxing and it’ll actually end up helping with your soreness and flexibility and make your body stronger for your next work out.


yoga should stretch you out & make you feel better(:
go its good for you.


I doubt it’ll be a problem, just don’t overdo it, once you warm up usually you’ll probably find the soreness will go away. Overall take it easy however I doubt one session of yoga will do you any harm and the soreness should be gone by the next day.


although yoga consists of stretching, it is also a workout.
i wouldn’t say that it would be bad because it would help with those sore muscles. it would help stretch and align.
also, if any of the poses get too difficult, you can always rest or do the child pose until you are ready to move on.
i used to swim and feel really sore and the next day i would do yoga and it would really help with sore muscles.


The stretching will help. Also, I’m not sure where this not working out when you’re sore came from, but it sure inhibits your progress. I mean, if you can barely move, maybe, but other than that it’s fine.

Meredith L

no if you are sore from a previous workout and you need to wait for the sore to go away

Darb D

Your running the risk of injury, but if your sure you won’t get injured (for example falling because of a weak and sore muscle) then it is ok. Yoga as an example can cause the muscles to be tighter as a counter reaction to being doubley fatigued and stretched. I’d say though if you warm up and take it easy yoga would be a great idea after working out in the morning.


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