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Is it okay to skip one day of meditation?

I feel so bad because I have to skip one day of meditation. I would to do it everyday. When I have sex with my boyfriend and I feel bad.


  1. Why would you be scared not to meditate every day? There is no law that says you must. Having sex with your boyfriend has nothing to do with your question.

  2. No Problem!
    The transformation that you will experience from meditation is (usually) fairly gradual so there is no need to fixate on missing a day or two – you have a lifetime in which to meditate and maybe many lifetimes so make meditation something you enjoy not something that feels like a duty or a penance.
    And, of course, you CAN actually meditate while you have sex too and that is a truly amazing experience.

  3. Do what you want to do, instead of what you SHOULD do or are expected to do. That way, when you meditate, you will truly enjoy it.

  4. Yes its ok to skip one day of meditation but like anything else meditation is most effective when you practice regularly.
    Practice a little (say just 15 minutes),but often. This is much better than saving it all up for a big session once a week.
    What kind of practice do you do? If you’re a beginner then start with an easy meditation technique like breathing meditation.
    Here’s how…
    Sit comfortably upright but not rigid. Then bring your attention to your breath as you exhale and inhale. You can watch your belly move in and out, or feel the air move past your nostrils.
    Try to keep your attention with the breath. Distracted by thoughts? Just gently come back to your breathing. You might need to do this over and over through the meditation. But that’s just part of the process…
    Carry on doing this regularly for a few weeks and you’ll start to feel the benefits.
    (And there’s no need to feel guilty about having sex with your boyfriend).

  5. meditation is not merely an action. it is constant awareness of ur action too.even u skip ur meditation and u r aware it , this is also a kind of meditation.in fact after experincing complete meditation u will find that whole life is filled with MEDITATIONAL AWARENESS.to know more pl. communicate on following e-mail address.
    swami maa


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