Is it okay to give a Wiccan a pink candle as a small present?

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I have afriend who is wiccan, and I wanted to give her a small present – a pink candle. Pink candles represent creativity, right? Any other advice?

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Pangel (((Allecat))) RIP

pink respresents love I am sure
but it is a lovely gift … whatever colour it is
yellow for creativity


A gift given with love is the best gift of all. I’m sure your friend will love your gift.


It is perfectly acceptable to give a pink candle as a gift, or any candles for that matter. I, as a witch, LOVE receiving candles from people. But then again I have always loved candles.
Hope your friend likes it. I’m sure she will.


A candle is a lovely gift. I am sure your friend would love it. I believe pink is more associated with romance or friendship. Here are a couple of links that give a list of colors and their meanings. Keep in mind that it is your gift, and whatever you feel drawn to give will be perfect.
Best of luck to you!

Tahuti Reincarnate

Yeah, that would be nice.

Kirra Blackhart ʇɹɐɥʞɔɐlq ɐɹɹıʞ

Just try to make sure the candle doesnt come from a country that condones slave/child labour.
Wax is a highly porous material and can easily absorb the negative energy that would abound in a sweatshop. Burning the candle would release negative energy into the home.
Other than that, it is a lovely idea.


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