Is it okay for me to explore the wonders of magic?

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My ancestors were all Navajos. Indians had practiced magic, rituals, and all that right? Well my question is would it be okay for me to experiment a little with it? Like spells, or something? Does everyone have that urge every now and then? I don’t know..I feel like my ancestors are encouraging me to try it out. But my mother disapproves. Any help or suggestions? Please and thank you:)

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Thank You

You can try… but there’s no such thing as Magic so… uhm… why?


I would say explore away just don’t get too disappointed but I have to go with obey your parents.


As far as i know, there can’t be any harm in at least trying it out.


The bible strongly disapproves of people using magic. It is Satanic. The more you let yourself into the world, the more you will be corrupted.

Paul S

Go ahead… Waste your time.

white dove

If your not a christian and don’t want to live eternity with God then I say go for it. It is your choice. Magic is all part of satanism


No, it’s dangerous


Depends on what you mean.
Your ancestors have a fully developed religion around so-called “magic” (which isn’t really magic, or spells, actually – it would be worth your time to find some books on navajo religion).
to just take one ritual, or one idea out of contexts is amazingly offensive to most pagan people, indigenous people, etc.
That said, i think it would be wonderful for you to get in touch with that side of yourself. Read first, then see if you can find anyone who is navajo and who is willing to talk with you.
but no, don’t “Play around”. it’s not dangerous, but it shows serious disrespect for yourself, your heritage, or Indian people in general.


I don’t see a problem with it. I don’t know how far it will get you, but you’re welcome to try. If your mother disapproves for religious reasons, then explain to her that if your god(s) truly are good, they will forgive you.
I think it’s normal for younger people to experiment with the supernatural in one way or another. I actually tried to pull off a Kamehameha blast a few time. Never happened though. 🙁


You mean to ask, Is it okay for me to explore the wonders of delusion?–because that’s all magic is: delusion.

Simon T

Knock yourself out.
But dancing until it rains just means that you stop dancing when it rains, not that the dance causes the rain.


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