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Is it okay for a buddha to smoke cigarrette?

Yesterday, I went to the ceremony for my two aunts anniversary they both died. I notice different families that isn’t mine . Actually bought a pack of cigarette for the buddha to smoke. I was wondering is it okay for the buddha to smoke.
I’m not saying in a bad way or give myself badluck. I thought its bad for people to smoke in the first place.


  1. You really shouldn’t, because it’s a material drug that brings your farther from health. All the same it depends on your particular creed.

  2. First off they are monks not buddha. And no they shouldn’t smoke because smoking is bad for your health and kills others not only yourself, but yes some of them do. Some also have mobile phones, Ipod and other things that can shock you, but it’s up to them and there leaders, not me.

  3. I’m sure you meant monk and not Buddha. It is unlikely that you actually met a Buddha (although not impossible).
    The Vinaya, the code of conduct for monks, has no precept specifically against smoking. And it is not a psychoactive drug so it doesn’t violate the precept against drugs and alcohol. So they are not breaking their precepts if they smoke.
    However, tobacco is an addictive substance and it does have the potential to interfere with their practice of the Dhamma so it is a bad habit for monks. Some temples actually enforce a rule against their monks smoking.

  4. Not all monks are good monks. You become a monk because you want to become a good person through hard work, not because you already are a good person. You’re not instantly good the same day you become a monk.

  5. A Buddha who smokes a cigarette is not a Buddha.
    Is giving heroin to a heroin addict an act of compassion?

  6. I guess you’re talking about monk, not Bhuddha.
    Smoking cigarrette is a kind of addiction. Strict Bhuddist do not smoke. Monks are prohibited.
    Anyway, many monks do smoke as they consider smoking as a small wrong-doing.

  7. The Dalai Lama, the leader of Tibetan Buddhism, once said-
    “If it was good to smoke, then it would be good to smoke when in meditation- but if the Bodhidharma had smoked when in meditation his beard would have been no more!”
    In case you didn’t know, the Bodhidharma is a legendary Buddhist monk who spread Buddhism to China in 479 AD.
    I love this quote, which rejects smoking, is funny to imagine, and is a reference to the classic Zen riddle, where a boy sees a picture of the bearded Bodhidharma and asks “‘Why does Bodhidharma have no beard?”


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