Home Discussion Forum Is it ok to put a Buddha statue in the bedroom?

Is it ok to put a Buddha statue in the bedroom?

The thing is that I do not want to put my Buddha statue in a disrespectful place…I put it on my desk, but my desk is in my bedroom, and it faces my bed. The statue is in a high place…Is it ok that it faces my bed?
Immortal Passion, I really like the way you think. Thanks for your answer.


  1. You can put your statue anywhere as long as it isn’t surrounded by junk.
    Generally it’s placed in a spot that it shows well.
    Facing your bed is no problem.

  2. Hi, interesting Question.
    I am not a buddhist, however I am an enthusiastic and admirer of buddhism.
    On your question: I really do not see anything wrong, buddha teaches us to just be, and celebrate life by doing the most simple acts such as sleeping, eating, walking, sitting and so on. So if you respect buddha in your heart then it is all that can ever matter.
    So let me wrap it up this way, don`t cling on the form of the statue, pay attention to its meaning.


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