Home Discussion Forum Is it ok to get a distant attunement in reiki?

Is it ok to get a distant attunement in reiki?

Sorry that i’m repeating the question but i thought that i should put it in the M/F section too.
So what’s the difference? I want to get an attunement and it’s free. Any kind of info is good. Thanks


  1. Kris,
    Yes, a distant attunement will work, although if the sender has personal knowledge of the person it will be more effective. At the least I would expect them to have your picture.
    Make sure that this is someone who is certified. Most reiki practitioners will charge a nominal amount – remember that you get what you pay for and if it’s free… well you know.

  2. I don’t know how it would work, I have had my attunements in person…since it is free you could try it…see what happens…I have gotten healing via distance but this is a little different…

  3. I guess it is ok but you may be missing out on some guidance. The attunement is attended by Reiki guides and other spiritual beings. Many report mystical experiences involving personal messages, healings, visions and past-life experiences. The attunement can also increase psychic sensitivity , an opening of the third eye, increased intuitive awareness and other psychic experiences. These entities may not be present on your side of things. But the price is right.

  4. I had 2 attunements “in person” and found someone offering free attunements. I decided to have a go as an experiment and to be honest I got more of a sense of attunement from the distance attunement than I did from being in person with the Master Teacher.


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