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is it ok to do yoga between split workouts if your goal is to bulk up?

I used to workout three days split with a day rest in between. My goal is to gain mass. I’ve recently started to do yoga on my off days. I really enjoying doing yoga but Is it okay to do so? Does it hamper the muscle growth and recovery as i am kinda working out everyday that way? Should i not do yoga if bulking up is my priority? Any help is greatly appreciated.


  1. Hero, come on son with this business. If you want bigger muscles you have to lift heavy, son. Don’t bother with silly isolation exercises, just go very heavy, low reps .

  2. If increasing bulk is your main/only goal, at the cost of everything else, then avoid any kind of stretching (which includes yoga asana).
    Personally, I don’t think this is a wise approach to physical health, but that’s for every individual to decide on their own.
    Resistance training (weight lifting) develops bulk by two means:
    1) Hyperplasia (development of new muscle cell fibers);
    2) Hypertrophy (an increase in size of existing muscle fiber).
    Regular resistance training results in muscle fibers becoming shorter/wider (hypertrophy), usually at the cost of less range of movement (becoming ‘muscle-bound’).
    Any kind of stretching (including yoga asana) will counteract the hypertrophic effect, by literally lengthening the muscle fibers, restoring greater range of movement — but at the cost of slightly less bulk.
    (Stretching will have no effect on hyperplasia – the creation of new muscle fibers generated from resistance training).
    It’s up to you to decide what balance between bulk, and range of movement (flexibility), you consider to be good physical health.


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