Home Discussion Forum Is it ok the ask the same question to different tarot readers?

Is it ok the ask the same question to different tarot readers?

I understand that it is not ok to ask the deck the same question as it would end up confusing and some would say only the first reading is correct , however would it be ok to ask teh same question to different tarot readers?


  1. It is…but unless you have some reason not to trust the first reading, I wouldn’t. You’re likely to get the same answer, whether it’s one you want to hear or not.

  2. It’s ok to ask the same question, but you have to realize that time changes outcome. The further in the future a prediction is, time and other influences can alter. In three years you will meet a man with white hair and he has something important to tell you. Well something changes as we all have free will, before that three years comes around things have been altered and you might not meet this man after all.
    Why are you needing to ask the same question over again??

  3. Hello
    If you reading ‘hop’ you will get a different angle from each reader – it is advisable to just go to the one.
    I have seen a lot do this & the only thing that happens is that they get confused.

  4. Yes you can do that. I do it all the time. Believe it or not but the answers are 50/50 sometimes. Example: will I get a promotion. someone might say yes and someone else might say no. But in truth it could mean something completely different that one person overlooked reading the cards. Could mean your job is moving to a different location. See, all we do is interpret the cards. Each physic can read cards differently. It is possible for us to make a mistake. So yes its OK to get a second opinion.

  5. I don’t see why you could not get just 2 (maybe 3) different readers to read on the same question. You would get either the same message or 2 very different perspectives. You may also get one bunk reading and one that is good.
    I would not over do it. Asking the question over and over is a bit too much.


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