Home Discussion Forum is it ok for Christians to practice yoga?

is it ok for Christians to practice yoga?

hatha yoga teaches the way to release serpent power (Kundalini) through the spinal cord.
Should Christians (or anyone not wanting to go straight to hell) try to garner this serpent (demonic) power?


  1. You can do th eyoga portion , you must stay away from the mediation portion this opens the doorway for satan to come in and take over.
    And no releasing a serpent (Satan) either.

  2. I find it funny that one of the most violent religions in history is calling another religion dangerous and demonic. What a world you live in.

  3. if you believe in the power of the Holy Spirit then there is no need for yoga. plus, as i understand it, yoga meditation and Christian meditation are different. i may be wrong but i’m told that meditation through yoga, at some point, encourages you to clear your mind. Christian meditation is the practice of clearing your mind of everything but the thoughts of Christ.


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