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is it odd for the tarot reader to read the instruction manual while doing a reading?

LOL. um…is that a bad sign that she doesn’t know what she’s doing or doesn’t have the gift?


  1. Probably not… there is no gift. No one has any ability to predict the future by any means, tarot cards included. If you’re interested in confidence scams and frauds like this, check out CSICOP.COM and hold onto your wallet in the meantime.

  2. She was probably just using the manual as a reference, there are 78 cards in the Tarot Deck, so there is a lot of information going on there.

  3. Yes and Yes and highly unprofessional. Hopefully you didn’t pay for the reading because we professional readers do not need a manual to do a reading.
    Reading manuals can mislead and give inaccurate readings as they are not based on the person in front of you but academic symbolism.


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