Is it normal to see the cats third eye when the cats sleeps???





My cat sleeps sometimes and all you can see is that white layer that covers up the eyes I know that it protects them but is it normal that it shows when the cats sleeps.


  1. It is normal to see the third eyelid briefly when they first open their eyes after a nap, and I’ve noticed that sometimes when they are relaxed with their eyes closed, their eyes may open slightly, exposing the third eyelid. This is nothing to worry about unless you can see it when he’s awake and lively.
    More information:
    “The expression cat nap refers to the light sleeping pattern of most cats, most of the time. About three quarters of a cat’s sleeping time is light sleep. The cat can awaken very quickly, and to an observer it looks like they are not fully asleep. Their eyelids may even be slightly open. Again this is genetically related and governed by evolution. A cat that can awaken quickly can more easily escape from predators or fight with possible intruders. The remaining 25 per cent of a cat’s sleeping pattern is deep sleep. This is where they do their dreaming. Their paws and faces may twitch during this type of sleep.”

  2. Yes. My cat does this everytime & has done it his whole life. He’ll even walk around the house half asleep like that. lol!

  3. The protrusion of the third eyelid when sleeping is rare. Is she exhibiting any other symptoms besides that? Is she lethargic, has her appetite decreased, is she hiding more and what about her litterbox habits? You need to take all these into consideration because the visibility of the third eyelid is most often than not an indication of an illness if accompanied by other symptoms.
    The best thing to do is call your vet and ask. A phone call cost doesn’t cost you much so for your peace of mind, please do so.

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