Home Discussion Forum is it normal to read auras?

is it normal to read auras?

i read auras and i think its normal to walk into a room and see skittles…..i hate telling guys because its a turn off…why does it freak guys out???


  1. People are afraid of things they don’t understand. And sometimes they are afraid of people who understand things they don’t understand. (Personally I think it’ll be neat if I could read auras, but I don’t know what I would do with that gift if I had it.)

  2. What a wonderful gift, be proud of it! Honestly i think people that are a little quirky are a lot more interesting. Maybe i wouldn’t use it as an ice breaker or anything because people can jump to conclusions and a guy might think are are into a bunch a weird things or cast a spell on him or somthing crazy like that, just because people can be ignorant. But i certainly wouldn’t hesitate to bring it up to the people i know 🙂

  3. are you young? it freaks them out because they are immature and don’t understand it. People like whats comfortable and easy to figure out. Some guys will be more understanding and actually be into it, I know a couple of guys who can see them too.
    Don’t feel intimidated or put off by your gift! It’s a great thing, invaluable, and can teach you a lot about others and your own gifts and spiritual identity. and if somone gives you a hard time because of it, f*ck them!
    Well since you can read auras maybe you can tell who will be more inclined to understand your ability? People with yellow or gold around their head, or someone with indigo (dark blue) or purple prominent in their aura, might be more receptive to the mysterious/intuitiive parts of life.

  4. i have the same gift you have. i am a guy, so unfortunately i can’t relate, however I have many friends that know about what i can do and you should focus on finding friends that will understand.this will make things easier for you. anyways, the reason guys think it’s a turn off is ’cause lots of guys hate losing. if they know what you can do they might feel like they are inferior. don’t worry, not all guys are like this this so i’m sure you’ll find someone. By the way, if you can easily see auras when you walk into a room, then you are incredibly good! i e


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