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Is it normal to question my sexuality?

I have been straight all of my life and i have never found any guys attractive or anything like that, but then last night i tried to have sex with a girl that i have been talking to for a little while now and i could not get an erection. I have been questioning my sexuality for the past 24 hours and i don’t know what to do. I’ve been trying to ask my subconscious mind but i don’t know how to. Please someone help me.


  1. Of Course It Is (:
    I’m Sure most ppl struggle to know if their gay bi or straight
    some ppl know right away and some ppl find out later in life.
    If you can’t get an erection off of a girl it usually indicates either you have a erectile dysfunction or your gay.

  2. There is plenty of girls I couldn’t get an erection from
    Guys too
    I only find a little number of men and women attractive
    It doesn’t really mean anything…maybe you were not attracted to her

  3. maybe the specific girl does not turn you on.
    maybe you are too stressed & you can’t get an erection.
    and ye questioning your sexuality is perfectly normal, not getting an erection with a girl doesn’t necessarily mean you are gonna get one with a guy? :/
    don’t think too much, just chill and um watch some hot porn with hot girls init and then tell me if you can get an erection or not ;p

  4. Were you full of booze as this will have an effect. If you have been questioning yourself for a few months then there could be other reasons but just 24 hours is a little suspect.

  5. Your experience is not an uncommon occurrence …
    You don’t give your age ; BUT sometimes a teen male will have anxiety problems due to thinking about Pregnancy and stds ; thus causing NO erection .
    OR; perhaps you are Homosexual … and just aren’t sexually attracted to females like you THOUGHT that you were ….
    Only YOU know your sexuality thru how you respond when males and females are around you … do you get erections around other guys or a certain male ? Do you get erections around females or a certain girl ? Maybe you get erections around BOTH sexes …. Think about it and then you will realize your sexual identity …

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