So I never really get nightmares, but I went to a yoga class around 8:30 pm. I got back from the class and decided to go to bed. As I was sleeping I had a horrible nightmare that kept getting worse and worse until I finally woke up. Is there any physical, mental or even spiritual connection to this?
Also it wasn’t like a scary monster kind of scary. It was more like betrayal, manipulation, violence basically the worst in human kind in action kind of scary if that makes sense.


  • I have the same experience. Have resently taken up Yoga and train every day since two months. Have nightmares every night, and remembers them, thoroughly. I had the idée that the tensions in the body looses up and stresses in the leads and the body are dissolved. These are synonymous with neurotic tension. When they dissolve releasing fears and concerns, and (hopefully) dissolves in nightmares.

  • Could be a coincidence:)
    Or in Yoga it releases emotions perhaps the mgihtmare was your mind accepting or releasing things. Don’t worry its jsut a nightmare.

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