Home Discussion Forum is it normal to feel weird* when activating third eye chakra?

is it normal to feel weird* when activating third eye chakra?

* kind of sick in a slight way thats not intense just annoying, and I feel like theres static electricity in my brain.
I did a third eye chakra meditation, it was trippy


  1. Um, yeah. Yogic meditation practices can be very powerful. It’s best if you have a teacher, or at least a good book to help guide you along.
    I would not start with the ajna chakra, myself. I would find a good generic meditation method and practice that, along with maybe some hatha yoga. You can always get into the more “occult” side of yoga later.
    Yoga is a venerable and comprehensive system of spiritual development. It should not be used casually, or just in order to try and gain occult powers. Yoga is not for getting weirded out, it’s for helping your soul to evolve. Try on that larger perspective, and good luck.

  2. Yes, it’s due to the “Kundalini” presence, which means “Serpent Fires”, that weirdness is the entering into your “Mind Gate” of a demon from Satan, the “Serpent”.

  3. It takes a long time to have the third eye open; and since you are going against the nature, of course you feel sick.
    Actually it is very painful, when you try to open the third eye forcefully, or even when it open naturally on its own.

  4. You should be going down a purple tunnel with faces and objects passing through ….now doesnt that sound trippy enough to make you slightly sick

  5. To be blunt, I feel weird when I try to do a marathon wihtout any training.
    Trying to do this kind of meditation without proper guidance and preparation is like trying to run a marathon without training.
    Please stop it for your own good and start where you are; find a qualified teacher and learn to walk before trying to fly.


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