Home Discussion Forum is it normal to be interested in the occult?

is it normal to be interested in the occult?

why or why not?
also, what are the benefits of practicing witchcraft? what makes a person want to learn it?


  1. Witchcraft is not for everyone. I do think people would benefit from at least learning about it so they could get more of a understanding as to what it is about, rather than assuming that all who practice it are devil worshipers.

  2. Sure. Remember that “Occult” means “hidden”. Some people, many, many, many moons ago decided to make the word “Occult” into a bad thing. It isn’t. It doesn’t mean that the practices are evil, just misunderstood. To someone who sees someone practice something odd, the automatic response is fear. Once one learns what the practice is, there is no reason to fear.
    The benefits to practicing Witchcraft are that you gain a better understanding of yourself and your surroundings. You find out how fragile our world is, and perhaps take an interest in preserving that fragile world for future generations.
    Many find it interesting that you can take a direct, personal role in how your life is lead, instead of relying on intercessors to direct your life for you. The hands on approach is more appealing than transferring responsibility to some stranger. Once a person discovers how real magic actually is, that interest grows increasingly. The more you practice, the better you get, the more magic you can see.
    It’s all there…people just have to take the time to see it. It cannot be seen in the blink of an eye. For magic to appear, one MUST have patience. For there are none so blind as those who do not see. Or, for the most part, CHOOSE not to see.

  3. Definitely! Being interested in occult means being interested in hidden knowledge. For me, a Spiritual Satanist, my “witchcraft” is meant to empower oneself and become as a “god” yourself.

  4. Yes, an interest in the occult is normal. Once you have had experiences that lead you to conclude that, specifically, certain aspects of the paranormal are quite real, then further inquiries into these matters are quite natural.
    The term “occult” has a bad reputation because it encompasses all possible magics — and some of these magics are indeed nefarious. Moreover, genuine “witchcraft” traditions are not always fluff and cotton candy. Look for the fruits of a given tradition: how have its practitioners really improved themselves and the world around them? Examine the people who have been involved with a system for a while: have they evolved since they have started practicing?
    Before beginning the practice of any particular system, I recommend investigating the underlying cosmological and ethical presuppositions contained therein.

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  6. My story is REAL. When I was about 7 yrs old, I found a Ouija board. In my teens, 17 exactly, I secretly kept wanted to but a Ouija and really so interested in the unknown. I Believe in Jesus! In y opinion, good and evil must both exist. Then, My boyfriend at 22 bought me a Ouija. I used it alone & in secret. After that 1st time, I had awful feelings. Then it just got worse. I began to buy spell books, candles, tarot cards, Satanic Bible, etc.. Then all the sudden, one day in my bed, broad daylight, I was awake, could not move and heard the worst deep male voice say, ” HEY.” in my left ear. I could not move for a long time. Then, I kept seeing black figures. Houses I went into, I knew spirits were there. Good one’s and evil one’s. One of my spells actually hurt someone. It got real bad. It still is, but I devoted my soul to JESUS CHRIST. Now, I simply do not know what is going on with me, health wise. The first tie using that Ouija, it spelled out, ” R U TIRED.” I never understood. I bought so many Ouija’s through the yrs. But, now, doctor after doctor cannot find out why I AM SO TIRED? I say, never dabble. NEVER! I searched the ‘ Hidden,’ way too much & found the hidden. I have stories people would never believe. But, I know they are REAL & EVIL!

  7. Correcting my above typing errors: #1. Kept wanting to buy a Ouija. #2. The first time I used that Ouija, 22, alone. Now, in continuation: Everything I’ve typed & went through has been said to be a psychological problem! NO! I have a degree in psychology. I know the DSM-IV. Trust me. I’m only 43. This crap has followed me to this day. Its here now again. I know it, I feel it. My mo died on March 2nd, 2013. Buried March 6, 2013. I had total peace on hr burial day. Felt great. I went to her house & was preparing to pack her stuff on March 8th, 2013. I was talking to her & that is a NO NO! But, it wasn’t her. These spirits! they follow me NOW. So do the good one’s. Hence my username. I do NOT care if one person believes me here. I know the truth of THE HIDDEN!!!!

  8. My MOM died! These typing errors are not here when I type? Every time I try & type something here, its on the screen, correct, but does not pop up right. Tammy Lynn Morrison~spiritfinder


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