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Is it normal for someone to feel a rush of energy when their sex partner climaxes?

I don’t mean their own climax. I’m refering to feeling something in response to the other person’s climax. Is this common is Tantra, perhaps? (Please don’t be silly or vulgar. I’ll report rude, vulgar responses.)
I’m surprised at the level of hostility some people seem to have toward this question. I’m asking about a spiritual response to a partner’s normal sexual response. I can sort of descibe it as a rush of energy, but also like feeling the other person’s feelings in that moment(empathy). I’ve only felt it with one other person. To me it seems like a form of psi-feeding, but I wondered if there were other explanations for it.


  1. how can i answer this without saying something vulgar?
    hmmm. was he wearing a condom? if not, i think i might know the rush of energy you felt.

  2. isnt that why its so fun to sleep around? well i get off by giving a girl a good orgasm. its fulfilling and at the same time very sexy

  3. Its normal but you have to have some sort of connection.
    We are all spirit and part of our essence is energy so I don’t see why its not one of the most normal things that can be.

  4. Sure it’s normal. It shows that you care about your sex partner’s pleasure, and your exitement should add to their experience, making you both happy and satisfied!!!!


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