Is it normal for healing ear lobe piercings to feel got and itch?

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I just go my ears pierced 2 days ago and my left ear is kinda hot and itchy. I had an infection 3 years ago when I first pierced my ears, resulting in me having to let them close up, so I’m kinda cautious.
Mini-Question, whats the best material to use for earrings?

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yes but put aniceptic or perfume on the area to avoid infection.

Angela M

Itching is a sign of healing.. Make sure that you keep your peircing site clean with some Savlon. Pure Gold or Silver is the best metal to use for an original peircing.. You can buy some of those cheaper ones, once your peircing has settled down..


I had the same problem as you years ago and had to have my ears done twice . The second time I dabbed on surgical spirit on the ears twice a day and I never had anymore problems . Even now when I get sore earlobes I still use it .


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