Home Discussion Forum Is it necessary to cast a circle when doing candle magick?

Is it necessary to cast a circle when doing candle magick?


  1. no, but is advised that you draw a banishment circle around you, because lately the Demons have been able to gather in force around heightened sites of Magic and attack the caster. So it is wise to draw one.

  2. Yes, but make sure you on the inside. And, if you make the pentagram, be careful not to step on it. And watch were the wax drips.

  3. It’s a very good idea to cast a circle when working any kind of spell or ritual. The purpose of a circle is to keep your energies contained and enhance the effectiveness of the ritual or spell, as well as to provide protection as one can become very vulnerable while sending out their energies.
    As for necessity…. Not entirely sure. But if I were you I’d cast a good, strong circle each and every time you think aobut working spells or rituals.

  4. For some spells, yes. But when working with energyflow, and etc, all you need is a source to draw from and something to store it in or use it on.

  5. Not really, but it helps to set the mood. It creates that change from the mundane to the magikal.
    It also depends on if the working is a one off or continued over several days. If its continued, I wouldnt bother.

  6. This all depends on what kind of forces that one may be conjuring. All in all one would be advised to at least visualize a protective white light around oneself just to be on the safe side. Before diving deep into the study of magic it would be good to have a strong contact with ones own soul before practising the craft. I myself am an occultist and I do a meditation every day to increase my soul contact and to illuminate my path and to live in its light

  7. Good question. When charging the candle initially, I’d say yes, in order to contain and focus the energy you are raising to infuse the candle with your intent. When burning the candle, I would say it is not necessary, although you might want to burn the candle in circle just to concentrate its effect (if it’s a spell that is targetting you personally).
    And remember, always practice good circle hygiene — when you cast a circle, be sure to uncast it, especially if you’re doing it in a public place…


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