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Is it legal to take rocks from the desert?

We live near the desert and we have some cool geodes there and I was wondering if I could take one. They aren’t valuable though, they are all full of common crystals not citrine or amethyst or anything of that value.


  1. I believe as long as its not a national Park or private property the answer is yes. National parks no geological or plant life can be removed.

  2. Is it private property? If not… do what you wish. If so…seek permission from the owners.
    Most of the time…if that was to be illegal…signs would be posted.
    However… a desert is a lot like a beach. It is not “illegal” to pick up shells… so, it seems logical picking up rocks off the desert is okay.

  3. no it is not illegal as long as you are not taking them from a different country and then taking them on a plane. I didn’t realize that was illegal when i was coming back from mexico but i guess it was and they confiscated them. but if you are just taking them from nearby i think you are fine.

  4. It is perfectly legal as long as one of the following don’t apply:
    1. it is private property
    2. it is protected land (national park or state wildlife refuge, for example)
    3. by doing so, you do not endanger any protected species or upset the ecosystem (this is a stretch, so don’t worry about it)


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