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Is it just me or does Wayne Dyer repeat the same concepts in every one of his parapsychology books?

I have read Your Sacred Self,The power of Intension,Real Magic,Inspiration, and manifest your destiny and they all seem to say the same thing.


  1. If you had a good idea that sold lots of books, I’m sure you would use it over and over, as long as it still worked. Dr. Dyer is doing well with his books, in spite of the fact that they’re all based on the same ideas.

  2. Yes, it’s called a common theme. Turns out they have written a few books this way, the Bible, The Lord of The Rings, just to name a couple.

  3. Same thing over and over again. If people are dumb enough to keep on buying his re-hashed nonsense, this bozo is going to keep on selling his re-hashed nonsense.


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