Is it generally easy to "read" people?

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I’m more of the quiet and calm type and people can tell how I’m like very quickly. Do vibes and auras really exist, or is it really due to how you dress, your mannerisms, and your looks? (I really think looks are part of the equation to some extent)

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L.Ron Hubbard Booty Clapologist

can’t you read my booty?
it is saying, hi, cutie, let’s go booty clap!!


Reading people has alot to do with dress, looks and mannerisms.
We take in alot of information when we meet people, to do with these things.


It’s easy to read people by their moods. It really doesn’t matter how you dress, but your attitude.


Its very true.. if your natrually a peoples person you will most likely natrually be able to read people more easily then if you are not.
I personally can read people very easily, i been around enough people long enough to know when im not wanted and when i am. And i can easily tell when someone is upset, sad or just simply not themselves. If you have known a person logn enough as well reading them will become easier. Like I can easily tell when one of my childrens or husband has something on there mind or something happend that day that they want to talk about. You can just get this vibe.
Im sure you can tell when one of your parents or brothers and sisters are not feeling like themselves.. i think we all have had moments where we can “read” someones behavior just by how differently they are acting..


if they write on their hands


i dont think so


I think vibes and auras do exist…
I believe it depends on the person on how they read people.
I never go by looks because we all know looks can be deceiving..
I usually go off of vibes and of course the Zodiac.


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