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is it foolish to believe in tarot card readers?

I want to go to one and get my cards read but i just wanted to get you guys opinion. Im thinking if your a believer that it would work but if not then it wouldn’t. And im a baptist and for some reason i feel like im dis obeying god or something, like is this wrong???


  1. Your cult guide book advises against it.
    “A man or a woman who is a medium or a necromancer shall surely be put to death. They shall be stoned with stones; their blood shall be upon them.”
    Mainly, this is put into place because the cult wants complete control over your mind and your money.
    These mind control cults are not the keepers of some great universal truth that only they can dispense. They seek only to control your mind, your body and most importantly (to the cult) your bank account. You are nothing more than a revenue stream to these mind control cults; a tool to be controlled and manipulated into a revenue stream to keep the cult’s coffers full of treasure so that the cult leaders may live in relative comfort without ever having to do an honest day’s work.
    Another point to consider is that tarot card readers are full of shít.

  2. Yes it is foolish and wrong and disobedient to God. Have a chat with your baptist minister about this if you really do not understand why these cards are so dangerous.

  3. Follow that gut instinct that tells you it’s wrong because it is telling you to stay away from such things. There’s only One that you should trust and that is Jesus. We have the Scriptures and that is all we need to turn to for guidance.

  4. God wants us to ask Him, not the other guy. It’s called praying and you don’t have to drink goat blood or anything to do it. When we pray we are saying ” if you think it is OK for me to know this then……”. When you use a crystal ball you are saying,” I don’t care what the mighty God has to say about tit, I,m going to peek” .. oops

  5. Well, you already believe in a bunch of beliefs with no evidence for them, tarot card readers are no different then your bible.

  6. Most certainly.
    Not because it’s ‘against God’ or any other such bunkum, but just because it is an elaborate trick similar to ‘cold reading’
    I came across a pack of Tarot cards in my house, became interested and read up on them on the internet – learning the meanings and effects and suchlike.
    The next day I amazed my friends with my ability to read them using cards, but really I was just making up a story based on the cards I dealt on-the-fly. As long as you can blag a narrative to do with how the cards effect each other quickly you can make it look like you are reading the cards.
    Of course, it helped that I knew my friends characters already, but I only did it for a day and got pretty good. I imagine if you’d practised for years and were naturally gifted at improvisation then you could do it pretty convincingly for strangers as well.

  7. No, it is foolish to take it too literally though.
    Cards are only an INTERPRETATION of the energies you bring to the reading.
    Any one that says they can “predict the future” with a set of cards is a charlatan.
    As a tool to help make decisions, not make decisions for you, and to help choose “pathways” through life they can be helpful.
    The trick is to find a card reader that will do an honest, non-leading read for you.
    I find most that do it for anything more than unasked for tips or small tokens suspect.
    You will also find that a good card reading is rather ambiguous, since it is just a tool to see pathways more clearly in YOUR OWN MIND.


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