Home Discussion Forum Is it difficult to turn to Christianity after going into the occult?

Is it difficult to turn to Christianity after going into the occult?

Is there a big struggle in the spiritual realm?


  1. Eh, it’s just going from one brand of nonsense to another.
    The official Christian answer is that God forgives all, so – assuming that somehow magic and God and all that other stuff we have 0 evidence for is actually true – you’ll be fine.

  2. No it is not difficult to turn to Christ after being in the occult. Repent and confess your sins for forgiveness and He will and then throw away anything that deals with the occult in the house (sweep that junk out) and then decide you want to live a new way following Christ. There are things going on in the Spiritual realm but God will equip you to be a soldier for Him armed and ready.

  3. Rather, turn to Christ Jesus and be saved from the occult powers.
    Jesus said to Saul/Paul that he was sending him to “open their eyes and turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan to God, so that they may receive forgiveness of sins and a place among those who are sanctified by faith in Me.” Acts 26:18

  4. No. The universe will not even yawn. However, you may find that the Christian music, decor, fashion, and above all, parties, are much less exciting that of the occult groups.

  5. There is an ever present struggle between good and evil. However, good wins in the end. Thankfully I am on God’s winning side.

  6. It will be difficult and easy at the same time. Repent and God will forgive you. The devil is not happy about you leaving so you might get temptations and difficulties but God will always protect you with His precious Blood. Make sure you go for deliverance and afterwords be natured with the word of God nd yu will grow in Faith. God Bless You.

  7. If you don’t know much (re God our Father) or any different, No. Only it the enemy will keep fighting for your Spirit, as with everyone for God.
    He fights harder for some than others , this I know.
    Why would satan fight for someone who is happy niether believing or those who don’t believe anyway?
    But sure regardless there are always struggles in the Heavenly places.
    -For we do not fight against flesh and blood, but rulers and principalities in the heavenly places!
    If you are in doubt, please write me…
    As the presence of God in your life is so different – more than different from any occult thing you have been involved inHe is So worth the life and love and peace He gives you*

  8. No. It’s not hard spiritually speaking. It’s usually hard intellectually speaking, because most occultists have done years of serious study into the history and development of religion, and are able to see how most of what makes up mainstream religion is just man-made socio-political control mechanisims. All those rules and regulations and dogmas are completely useless, and once you strip away those you can actually look at the meaning in the tradition. At that point you can see how really all spiritual paths share very similar goals, and simply frame their pathways in cultural trappings that were suited to culture it grew out of. If you return to a faith that you “left” it will be MUCH harder to buy into all the fear-based and us-vs-them sectarian propaganda that you are fed
    God is infinite – trying to dream up rules and regulations that an infathomable Source might hold is pointless. If you find a path that is beneficial to your spiritual growth, then explore it. If it ends up not being right for you, then continue your search without any guilt of fear of retribution from the Divine – though you may get alot of shit from people.
    Just do your research and think for yourself. If you run into someone telling you that they have The One Truth – RUN!!!! There is no such thing.

  9. Perhaps you could look for advice from a website where most responders aren’t under the morally depraved demonic influence of humanism. If you are involved in the occult, masonry, ect., you require being delivered from these things. You may need to do some research on deliverance.


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