Is it dangerous to watch a Ouija board experience via a computer?

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I watched a youtube video that documented a “real” experience with a Ouija board. Supposedly, if you use a Ouija board, the spirit you contacted will stay with you for the rest of your life. Does that apply with watching the experience through a computer as well?

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If a spirit can travel through a camera, and can come out of your computer then, yes. But if not, then no.


No because Ouija boards don’t really work, it’s all superstition.


no. anyway, your not the one contacting the spirit or shall we say, ur not involved or present in the event.


look at it this way. if there’s spirits all around us who some times contact us when we’re in a vulnerable, or open, state of mind, why worry about watching ouija board seances with your computer? if a spirit wants to contact you, she or he will find a way to make them self known to you. there’s prob’ly a whole bunch of ’em floating all around you right now…..


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