Home Discussion Forum ?Is it contradictory to be a Zen master and a quantum physicist?

?Is it contradictory to be a Zen master and a quantum physicist?


  1. Zen as I know it uses alot of paradox & unanswerable puzzles in order to demonstrate elements of the mind beyond knowing & reason. So contradiction is the name of the game.
    Quantum physics in recent years has begun to develop as a science and help to explain to the logical mind many Zen concepts. For instance quantum physics has discovered that the smallest particle known in existence, the Quark has actually been observed to blink in and out of existence. Their theory is that it blinks out of this dimension and appears in another but this is just a theory. This shows something quite fantastic in Zen philosophy that of null energy, that even matter can not exist in reality at some point. Leading to the concept of no-mind where a meditator does in fact to all intents & purposes “blink” out of reality for a time…
    So you can see the connection drawing together. However, I would say that being considered a Quantum Physisist when also a Zen master is unlikely. Unless being the quantum physisist is a by-product of being the master.
    Why ?
    Because being a Zen Master is not a job but a state of existence. A zen master has achieved a state and spends their time sharing the methods to likely candidates to achieve the same states (or indeed Non-states) for themselves. So unless the Quantum physics was part of a method or his approach then the answer is no.
    So to summise (and in true Zen style) the answer is Yes……No…..and Maybe…..!!!
    Now go listen to one hand clapping for your supper.

  2. In Zen, we say that everyone has 2 kinds of work — inside work and outside work.
    Each person’s outside work is different. Some people are psychiatrists, others are physicists, psychics, psychologists, or physicians.
    But each person has the same inside work — to perceive our true self and ease the suffering of all beings.
    So there is no contradiction between being a quantum physicist and a Zen master. As long as the outside job doesn’t produce suffering for others, a Zen master (or Zen student) can work at any kind of job.
    One of the Zen masters in my tradition was, for many years, a real estate developer. One time I challenged him — how he could do such work? He told me that the “direction” behind his work was clear. He used the proceeds from his work to buy and build Zen centers in both the United States and Europe — a correct merger of outside and inside work.
    We all have that same opportunity, if our direction is clear.

  3. no
    buddhists can be anything although a master wouldn’t necesarily work in the conventional sense but the degree could be before their zen training


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