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is it considered a near death experience if?

I was eating a home made bread pizza too fast and a peice shot down my throat and I was chocking and my air pipe blocked. I could not get it out with trying to clear my throat and I was looking air suffocating. I could not swallow it either.
So I was praying and hunched over and did the heimlick on myself and it popped out.
I almost passed out and might have died, on paice of freaking food, as I was alone….
AM I over reacting?

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Moonlight Wolf (new avatar)
Moonlight Wolf (new avatar)

Wow, big tough guy gets done over by pizza…

Maybe YahooIzMine is right…

‘ATHEISTS, Is it true you don’t eat PIZZA?’


It’s called asphyxiation –not near death

Odysseus, King of Ithaca
Odysseus, King of Ithaca

Well, every time you meet a car on a two-lane highway, both going 60mph, and pass within a couple of feet of each other in such a way that either driver could have instantly killed you both with a flick of the risk, I guess that’s an NDE too.