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Is it better to have psychic powers, or have oblivion where you don't notice spirits?

Explain what condition your in, and see if it makes a difference.


  1. Well I can tell you this every night I sleep with a big light on in the next room I always see things in the Dark and in the light makes know difference with my 6th sense :)))
    I have been reading about this and through my experiences I think spirits do feed off on negative energies at times of the livings and they show themselves to us for a reason :)))
    I have had 4 experiences like this …I started very young like 4 years old………………..I sense things I have always sensed things…………I think it is a good thing because it makes you realize that there is more to this life that we are living :)) I have always been a spiritual person since I can remember and God love and light is what this life is about :)))

  2. Make up you mind before you look. Do you want to see? Do you not want to see?
    The sight is like Pandora’s Box. You don’t have to see. You can have a happy life without ever knowing. Once you see, you can never UN-See.

  3. My wife states that she has seen strange things all her life. It has not effected her life badly but at times I wish she was oblivious to them.


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