Home Discussion Forum Is it better to do yoga before or after jogging?

Is it better to do yoga before or after jogging?

If you are combining yoga and jogging should you do yoga first since you have to stretch anyway or after as a cool down?
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  1. There are studies that suggest both methods are superior. My opinion is to warm up and then do some stretching and after my run I do some more stretching.
    I do not feel it is good for the body to stretch before some warm up. If you read the articles below, you will see that some feel pre-exercise stretching is perhaps harmful.
    As a practitioner of Yoga for 20 years, I find that the warm up is important to prevent injury. I suggest you try both processes and see what you feel is best for you.

  2. Personally, I would do it after. Certainly you should stretch before jogging, but I find yoga so relaxing. The slower pace, even if it’s a rigorous workout, really clears the mind and slows life down. I think it is an excellent way to end a workout.

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