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Is it better to do the right thing for the wrong reasons or the wrong thing for the right reasons?

I’m having a crisis of conscience. It turns out that that my ideological/spiritual (but not religious) predecessors were great people doing what they thought was right, but had bad information.
So, in this situation should I still be following in their wake? Or is it time to switch sides?
Sorry to keep this vague, but it would actually cloud the issue unnecessarily to be more explicit.


  1. do the wrong thing for the right reasons. just because someone else defines something as “wrong” doesn’t mean it actually is. you have to take into account if it will do others good or harm and if it will do yourself good or harm.

  2. Might the wrong reasons eventually become the right reasons? Or might the wrong thing eventually become the right thing?
    I understand what you’re saying about not explaining the whole situation, but I don’t think there’s an absolute answer to this one without details.

  3. It is better to go with your instincts, enlightened one. Sometimes we have to do the right thing and sometimes we have to do the wrong thing and hope that the end means will justify the cause and that we will be left karmic ally o k in the aftermath if you understand where I am going with this,

  4. how about moving to only right. that is, you have good info, now just do what you know is right
    do the right thing for the right reasons. its not gonna be that easy.

  5. why dont you pray to god and ask him also ask the holy spirit to guide you!! sometimes what we think is right is really wrong and what we might think is wrong is really right!! there are your ways and then there are gods ways! god ways dont always seem right to us but in the end it will actually work out for the good!! and if you dont believe in god , i donno! god bless

  6. Yeah, you are being very vague.
    Always do what you believe to be “right”. There are no “right reasons” to do “the wrong thing”…and no “wrong reasons” to do what you know is “right”.
    Without more details, I’m afraid this is the best advice I have for you.
    To thine own self be true.


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