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Is it bad to tell other people your tarot card readings?

Is it bad to tell your friends details about your tarot card readings? i read somewhere that what they tell you wont necessarily come true after having told someone…readings are personal and should be kept to oneself is this true? does this mean by me telling my friends what they told me chances are i might have changed the future around? i know the cards aren’t set in stone but im scared i might not get the result im waiting for because i told my friends when they asked.


  1. 1) tarot cards are mostly fake
    2) future is not fixed
    3) you are taking this seriously, dont even bother on it
    4) this is the reason why people told others not to do tarot readings or fortune tellings cuz it can scared the crap out of the weakminded

  2. If it has nothing to do with them in any way, then I say go ahead. But, if it affects them in one way or another, you may alter their perception of the situation/conflict. They may do or say something that the cards cannot predict. You are right – they are not set in stone. Time is not linear, it is like a tree – always branching, depending on your choices, and, in some situations, the choices of those around you.
    Honestly, I’d keep these readings to myself – I treat tarot, rune, and palm readings for what they are – divination. It is strange (well, it sounds that way to me, anyway), to approach it in a more scientific way. Well, I’ll explain:
    To find out how “accurate” your readings are, you must establish a baseline. Take a record, don’t tell anyone, until after the problem is resolved. That way, you won’t feel like you are “tempting fate” to change your reading, or prove it false!
    You might want to do another reading, to see if your friends knowing will change anything…just a thought.
    Good Luck!
    Blessings of the Gods!

  3. Please don’t use tarot cards. Like the ouija board, you are inviting things into your life that you might not be able to deal with.

  4. No. Speaking about what the Oracle says doesn’t change your future or what the Oracle conveyed to you.
    Readings are personal ~ but it is always up to us what we share with others or what we don’t share. This may be why someone said what they said, as they are personal. Posting cards to the internet for interpretation, for example, could be good or bad. If someone knows how to read Tarot, they will see right into your life. If they don’t know you, that’s fine. But if they do know you, I would hope they are a friend.
    Discussing your reading will never remove the meaning behind what the Oracle said. And remember, Tarot gives probable outcomes ~ what she says is not set in stone. We all have the power to rule our fate inside us. If we change our actions, we also change our cards.
    Hope this helps. If you’d like to join our Tarot group, please do. I’ve pasted the link below.
    Blessings, Elise


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