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is it bad luck to write with permanant marker on the back of the tarot cards what they mean?

casuse i did that cause i hated looking at the minipaper that came with them to decifer the meanings so i wrote it on the back of each card. is it bad luck or something? anyone know anything about superstitions and tarot?


  1. Yes, I think the magic tarot spirits will kill you with lasers from their eyes.
    P.S. Tarot is definitely a superstition. You people are morons.

  2. Superstitions are for the superstitious. Nevertheless, I have never heard of any such superstition, it will just spoil your cards but if you don’t mind that then there is no problem.
    P.S. Tarot≠superstition.

  3. no, there’s nothing wrong with it. it ruins the integrity of the cards, but it’s not a big deal. in fact, it’s kind of a good idea.

  4. You can do what you like with your Tarot cards – they are your Tarot cards! If it helps to write some of the keywords on the back, then that’s fine. In fact, I think that there are some Tarot decks that have the keywords on them already! You might also like to buy a second deck as your ‘real’ deck for when you start to practice readings with others and don’t want to have the cards written on.


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