Is it bad karma for a young male to view pornography?

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Teenager to be more clear, who does view porn a lot. Has some friends, but never seems to get close to having a relationship with a a nice girl.

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It is morally wrong for anyone to view pornography. It brings on lusts of the flesh and causes men to rape innocent children and women. It give young men very unrealistic ideas of what sexual acts a woman should perform. Some of the sex acts in porn are unnatural and perverted.
God gave sex to us to be shared with our spouses as an act of love. The actors and actresses in these films are committing sin, fornication and adultery.
If you want to meet a nice girl, give up the porn and join a singles group at a church.

Johnny the Iguana




Pants Party III

No, it’s normal.


stop watching the porn , and get a girlfriend




i wouldn’t consider it bad karma unless its illegal like child porn

Straight Talker

Bad Karma? No. Bad for his eyesight, maybe….!



free spirit ☆☾♎ ‡

not unless your harming others by it

Christrophlinger (aka CJ)

well between you and me i look at the stuff a lot. but as soon as i get another girlfriend no more…lol


Bad karma-not necessarily, human nature-perhaps, kinda sad-yup.


It natural to want to look. Don’t sweat it.


bad bad bad!!!!!!!!!! shame on him!!!!!!!!!!!!!ugh!!!!!!!!!!


I don’t think so.


Bad Karma??? What exactly do you expect to get back from that?


its kind of normal, i wouldnt say its bad karma just so sick child porn thats just …woah…

Ruby Tuesday

i think your ruining your drive .. join the real world and quit fantasizing …

Emily Magnus

It’s a sin.
Get off of the magazines and the computer and you may just find your self a good woman. My husband did. He struggled with pornography since he was a small boy because of his father.
Just try to make your self a better person.
Finding GOD helped my husband. Do you know Him?


Everything needs to be in moderation.
If you drink in moderation you will have a good time, but too much will get you sick.
If you eat in moderation you will be healthy, but too much will increase the risk for heart disease, diabetes and other serious illness.
If you watch pornography in moderation it’s fine, but if you watch too much it will diminish your taste for the women who will actually sleep with you.


YES you will die in 3 hours JK

Stay True Despite

Karma is self administered for purposes of learning.
Follow your heart and you’ll do no wrong.


what it will do is give you a false set of beliefs about sex

Joel B

Yes. because you expect some girl to do what you see girls do and REAL girls arent like that. so sstep off the pron. go hang out places and get your ind off of it. if you think about it. close your eyes count to ten and get over it!


karma, shmarma! forget all the religious *ullshit.. porn is not so great, anyway..


Yes and it will stunt your growth!

Ryan Against

Well Karma doesn’t affect you till your next life, so even if it does you have some time.
for those who are uneducated in Buddhism and Hinduism, it is believed to affect the form you take in your next life, bad karma means you will reincarnate into a lower grade in the caste system as a punishment, and good karma will help you rise up the caste. So Karma does not affect you until your next life, despite what our lovely American media has told you.


If it is there’s an awful lot of teenagers getting bad karma.


It isn’t necessarily bad karma, it’s more like its ruining that teenagers chances at getting a girl. A nice one at least. The teenager can probably get a slut, and probably not a nice girl. Me personally, I do not like guys that watch porn. I think it is disgusting. Eventually, if you watch it too much, I have heard that people lose the ability to be “turned on” causing your future sex life with your wife to be a disaster. I suggest stopping now before it rolls out of control.
Good luck!


Pornography in my opinion is emotionally disabling. It takes away from the love and affection that a relationship is suppose to have. It is also addictive. Perhaps the teenager is using this porn to fulfill his desires and pulling him away from natural desires for girls his own age and the normal feelings that young men are suppose to feel for young women. It is like programming him to desire nothing except the pornography. It can lead to destructive behavior. I would be very cautious.
I wouldn’t be too concerned if he only seen a little, but if he is doing it all the time, that is definantly cause for concern.


No its not it is actually normal, even adults still look at porn even with there better halfs. nothing is wrong with it as long as its not illegal or offensive.


if you do youll desire a sexual relationship a lot more. some prob wont hurt but dude not that much when yuo get a girl all youll care about is doing stuff not necicarilly sex but desire other sexual stuff : / dont be a perv around girls and dont act how they do in porn lol use beautiful instead of sexy use i wanna see you instead of i wanna bang you i like your shirt instead of i like your chest 🙂 haha


hell no. its healthy and you shouldn’t be ashamed.

Looking Up the Answers

I’ll say this, it can mess with his perspective on relationships to a heavy extent if he becomes addicted to it.
False hopes and unreasonable expectations can stem from viewing woman as eye candy or a slab of meat.
Have the talk with him, and inform him of the negative effects of pornography. Also pray about the situation if you are a praying man, I am so I would. The rest will be up to him.
God bless and take care.


I’m a chick and I watch porn.
I have had plenty of boyfriends who watch porn.
I never really cared about what they did in the privacy of their own room.
No bad karma for them!
I live a great life!


I guess it would depend on the type of porn.
All young people look at naughty pictures some time.
It’s a natural curiosity we are born with.
Unless you are looking at children I’d say you were okay.


well look at it this way wouldn’t you rather be the one participating in the act with a woman , instead your wanting to be with her and that will never happen because its fake , get out and find someone who loves you and will fulfill all your male needs


Viewing porn a lot is going to have a bad effect on his relationships. He’s training himself to view people as objects and to use them in a selfish way, and to separate sex from relationships with real people. It’s a bad road to go down, believe me. If he’s having trouble with relationships now, he’s going to make things a lot worse by chronic porn viewing, and in ten years he’ll be in a hole it’s going to be tough to climb out of.
People say it’s normal. Just because so many people do it doesn’t mean it’s good to do.


Yes, all unrighteousness is sin. What is right about pornography

Eartha Loves Her Old Dog

I think its obligatory to watch some porn when you’re a teen boy…but you need to know that sex isn’t really like that…girls t!ts move when they’re not solid globes of silicone for a start and no one EVER says
Oooh baby…you’re the KING!!!


Only if you suspect someone will drag you against your will into one of those movies.
Karma is about reciprocation for your deeds. If you think watching porn is an offense, you can expect some consequences for it (speaking f/ a Karma pt. of view). “I” don’t think it is.


I would say there is nothing wrong with its natural for boys and grils in their teens to be interested in sex, it is much safer for them to watch porn than to act on it. however, if your have a child or you are starting to be interested in sex even if your not active you should ask you parents or a nurse/sex ed teacher, about sex so you are safe when you decide to have sex.

cooper l

Not bad karma but definitely could cause him to feel like its no big deal if he gets a girlfriend/boyfriend or not. Porn = unhealthy substitute
I knew a guy like that once – he didn’t do so well with the ladies.
That being said, I looked at as much porn as I could get my hands on and I turned out ok. I would say openly condoning it is probably a bad move.


Truthfully, I hope you don’t have a relationship with a nice girl if you have a problem with pornography, you would mess her up. Karma is a religious term, the bible calls it sowing and reaping, and it is bad viewing porno, it corrupts the mind, or soul, and will bring you into bondage to perversion. God can deliver you from it if you will turn to Him and trust Him with your life.


Okay…I’m not going to be prude and say to deny human nature or any of that stuff…Let me see if I can help you though:
Hmm..if you are worried about being morally just and good karma and all that, just try to do whatever you can in love.
If you are in doubt when it comes to thinking of the right thing to do, it helps some people to think of a person that lives only in love/compassion (perhaps using someone that you may look up to…especially religiously- people like Jesus, Muhammad, Abraham, Buddha, FSM, etc. whatever sort of personification of virtue you choose).
You probably don’t view them as people that look at porn, and I certainly wouldn’t recommend looking at porn if you are after good karma BUT we are all human and humans being humans all give in to their desires at one point or another.
I also wouldn’t recommend gluttony or bloodlust (similar instances of people giving into their passions) but as far as I’m concerned looking at porn is certainly “healthier”/safer than the alternatives (AS LONG AS YOU DO NOT LET IT BECOME SOMETHING WORSE- RAPE, PERVERSION, ETC).
And…as a last word, let me quote Tennyson:
“The happiness of a man in this life does not consist in the absence but in the mastery of his passions.”
Good luck and I hope you find out what works for you.


Masturbation brings bad karma. Pormography, probably, but I am not entirely sure.


lol why do u believe in such stupid stuff?
what the fuck is karma?


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