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Is it bad if your aura is mixed with colors and all in one layer?

to be more specific someone told me that auras are suppose to be layered but someone said that mine is mixed with numerous colors and its not layered its just all in one layer what cha think!


  1. No. It is not bad.
    Actually your aura probably is layered like aura’s should be layered. The *viewing* of aura’s is a very personal thing and subject to interpretation. Also aura’s are more fluid than static. Layers seem to flow in and out of each other depending on how you feel and what is affecting you. Specially when you are switching states it can be pretty turbulent.
    But why are you asking perfect strangers that know absolutely nothing about you this? Ask the person that told you

  2. there’s no such thing as something being wrong with the colors in your aura. it just reflects how you are doing. sometimes showing a small amount of bright colors (for me it was at some point 3/4 bright pink and 1/4 bright green), sometimes lots of colors and more vague

  3. An aura radiates in ALL directions and should not be confined to a single, two dimensional layer.
    What this indicates is a HIGH degree of gullibility.


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