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Is it bad if I tried to get a Tarot reading for myself?

Is it really demonic? Would something bad happen if I did it? Is there any proof that it is real? Is it harmful to believe it’s real?


  1. Something bad will happen… never trust a tarot reader… when I go for tarot readings… I ask about things that don’t matter to me…
    For example: a guy I know I will never date because God told me he is not His will for me… I ask about him… because I don’t care what the answer is and will not change my behavior based on the tarot reading…
    Something that I need an answer for… I won’t ask a tarot reader for guidance on… because they could harm me.

  2. The actual cards are physically real, but there’s a perfectly un-supernatural way to use them. If you let them sort of pick at your subconscious mind, to help you think about how you’re thinking. Or maybe think outside of the box. You can get use out of them without thinking there’s magic involved.
    It isn’t demonic.

  3. I’ve had my cards read several times. I’ve yet to meet a demon. I think you’ll be safe.
    Seriously though… there’s nothing evil about a deck of cards. You’ll be perfectly safe AND you might even have some fun.


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