Is it bad for catholics to have a buddha statue ?

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I was at the Toronto Exhibiton the other day and they had this cool looking buddha statue for 1 dollar so I decided to buy it. I’m a catholic and I simply only bought it because it looked neat, but my friend said it’s really bad for catholics to have it. Is it true? Please, only people that know what they’re talking about answer!

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in my opinion, it would be no worse than having a statue of a saint for inspiration to pray.


If it holds no religious significance for you then there is no problem having it as a decorative item. Some peoples have worshipped the sun and the moon too. Does that mean we should avoid any depiction of the sun and moon??


Well if you are catholic , the only statues you should have are those of saints. But to be honest with you I’ve seen a lot of catholics that buy Buddhas because they are considered good luck. It depends on how serious you are about your religion.

Vöt Änårж

Maybe not.
The only benefit Vot sees is that the statue will remind the Catholic to avoid the deadly sin of gluttony.
But then again, I do not claim to know what Vot is talking about.

Israel Lover †-pray4revival-â€

It is wrong for anyone to have a pagan statue.


Only if you worship it. Otherwise it’s just a statue.

δฬєєԏเᏋ ˙·٠•●♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥●•٠·˙

Honestly I wouldn’t worry about it, you like it cause it’s cool looking nothing else. Go ahead an get one if you wish, from my Personal standpoint and a Catholic view.


Statues are all over Catholicism!!!
Perhaps your friend was trying to limit your understanding of God beyond the confines of just one church. God said there were 7 churches! Seven Seals, Seven Angels…
Buddhism and other mystical paths are in the First Seal message originally taught by Noah. Noah was the one to taught about burnt offerings and worshiping God in this way. Later all that oral tradition was first written down in the Vedas in Hinduism and Buddhism, etc.
The mystical paths include any teaching on earth, to include Native American, Shamans around the world, etc) which teaches to Know Thyself. To contemplate, meditate, spiritual dancing and chanting. To awaken the Spiritual Forces and know there is more than just a bodily existence.
Then learning about the rest of the Seals will reveal a whole complete Plan of God to return a person back to Him/Oneness.


yes julia i already told you what happened tsktsk
young child you have much to learn.


If you bought it merely as a decoration then it is fine.

Dylan Pisica Catolică

I have one, because it looks neat. I’m not buddhist or anything.


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