Is it bad feng shui to keep a car that I have had a lot of accidents in?

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Hi, I have a car that I love but is currently in the shop. The car and I have been through several minor accidents together, and while the car is going to be completely structurally sound, I am wondering if it is bad feng shui to keep the car? I am planning on doing some “space clearing,” to get rid of negative energies in the vehicle, would appreciate any thoughts. Thanks!

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it’s no problem. feng shui studies positive energy’s circuit. i don’t see how would you be affected if you keep a car with a lot of accidents.


You’re mixing up fen shui with karma. Apparently you’ve done something whereas having the car upsets your karmic balance.


screw feng shui, this is about luck,.. you can call it bad since you’ve been in some fender benders,.. ooooor,. look at it as good,.. your cars saved your butt,. and you have a strong relationship with it,.. it must like you,.. or it could have been worse… its your call.. i might keep it just out of memory sake 🙂


the series of unfortunate events related to your car has nothing to do with your car, but i do believe that it has something to do with its driver or owner. you might try to donate a sum of money to charity – the idea is to create misfortune/ loss in a positive way. you want this created misfortune to happen first, before the real misfortune/ accident happens. because in chinese fengshui, destiny of man can be calculated, meaning predicted, so if you know something bad is going to happen, you might want to create that bad event in a positive way. in this case, you still lost a lot of money, just not spending it on hospital bills and car repairs, but on charity.

Foxy Lady

Hi, Your question is a good one!
Some of the other people who have answered your question point to your own personal luck.
With regards to Feng Shui the Chinese look at 5 factors that influence your life.
They look at:
Feng Shui
Past & present deeds, virtue or kharma
Education or knowledge
The first two are what we are born with and you can understand these more if you get your Chinese Chart done, which is called the 4 Pillars chart and is based on your date, time and place of birth. From this you can understand not only your personal characteristics but can also learn where to focus your efforts and when luck is more on your side so that you can tap into success in your life.
The last 3 are based on our personal efforts to become a better person on every level.
A person with good luck and bad feng shui in their house can still do well.
A person with good luck and good feng shui in their house can do even better.
The car may have it’s own feng shui however I would suggest that you look at your personal luck and house Feng Shui first. Once you know that your main place of protection is supporting you and your efforts, anything else that you come into contact with won’t affect you as much.
One more tip: Keeping a positive attitude with good intentions will also bode well, good luck!


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