Is it appropriate to do nude yoga if you got a bare brazilian wax recently?

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I saw an all nude womans yoga class advertised in town. I’m fairly comfortable in my own skin so I thought I’d try it out. I heard it’s a liberating way of connecting your mind & body. However I just got an all bare brazilian wax and I’m afraid I may be overly exposed while doing the stretches which everyone else may frown on. I’m not sure if I should just go or call and somehow try to ask them. I just don’t know exactly what to ask.

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umm that is weird. but sure go for it !


i rekon it should be fine, good idea getting it waxed you dont want to have a bush down there. Thats when people will stare lol.


Haha. This is a great question!
I agree: you should just call and ask. Say you’re feeling a little uncomfortable if EVERYTHING is going to be all out. It does depend on the yoga pose if you’d be.. out there. haha. Just call. Besides, it won’t matter because how are they going to tell if it was actually you on the phone?
I think that does sound like a really cool way to do yoga because yoga is already very liberating without being nude. Don’t let this slow you down!


Brit, this is a very important decision to be making alone.
Sent me a pic & I’ll give you an honest answer.


People wax, people don’t wax, just as people shave their legs and others don’t.
If you’re comfortable in your own skin then why not go for it? If the other women there don’t wax well that’s not for them, just as waxing is for you. I don’t think it really matters what people see when you stretch, everyone’s nude anyway. They’re gonna see something if they look.


i would say its better with the wax than without.
in todays sociaty is is frowed upon to have a bush… but! its also considered sluty to have it waxed… jest call and ask them. if your chouce to what you want your “area” to look like so why should it matter?

Master of Puppets

Please take pictures.


It will generate conversation. Lips will flap ans smack


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