Is it alright to wrap a tarot deck in 2 different colored silks?





I’m getting my first tarot deck soon and I was wondering if it would be bad practice to wrap my deck twice. I’ve asked some friends for help in choosing the silk wrap colors, but when we tried to ascertain my chakra colors, I peaked almost evenly for both orange and indigo. Can someone who is experienced in tarot let me know if it is alright to wrap my deck in both colors? Please, no rude answers.


  1. This is an interesting question. I have wrapped my decks twice occasionally. One deck I sometimes wrap in silk and then slip into a velvet bag, sometimes I don’t wrap it. Another deck is wrapped in silk and then inside a wooden box. Each deck kind of finds its own ‘home’.
    I think just the fact that you have this desire to see both colors around your cards is enough to follow your own instinct and do it. Or create something with both colors combined. Drawstring bag, with bag one color and draw strings another.
    It’s all about making them your own.

  2. You can do whatever you want to. If you would enjoy having the beautiful colors wrapped around your cards so you have the visual of the pleasing colors and the touch of the silk, you go right ahead. My tarot mentor keeps hers in a brown paper lunch bag and I keep mine in the black organza bag they came in, and we are both happy. It’s entirely up to you!

  3. it doesn’t matter, tarrot cards don’t work. Try it your self, deal the cards and predict your future and then do it again a second later, its a different outcome. This means either they work but your future changes every second so you can’t really predict your future, or they don’t work at all.

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