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Is it against god to study magick?

I wouldnt be practicing it i would just be reading and studying about it because a pastor told me it’d be ok.


  1. No, study of the occult is a common practice among clergy. Though many clergy would tell you not to as it is corruptible.
    Many of the most famous Grimoires where written by people high in the clergy. The study of this “evil” is to done to aid in the battle against evil.

  2. i dont want to argue over the internet but let me tell you kid…… please educate yourself and dont just care about grades but really care about what you learn and you will see through all the bullshit that is in the world and that includes religion! im sorry to tell you this but the existence of god is just as unlikely as santa.., the bogey man.., the flying spaghetti monster…, etc. live your life to the fullest kid and never stop enjoying life as long as you dont harm others and yourself.

  3. Which God?
    None of my Gods are against it… or my Goddesses.
    I can’t see how any God would be against educating yourself on things. I mean, I don’t trust anyone (God or not) that tries to keep people’s devotion by preventing them from learning things. How will you ever know if you’re missing important information?

  4. no it is not and for those of us with gifts we did not ask for, where do you think that came from. live by the rules of harming no one and know in your heart its right and most of the time it will be.

  5. Well, in Eastern Churches-Orthodox and Catholic it is strictly forbidden including reading Horoscopes.
    Slight-of-hand entertainment is OK.
    There are a lot of non Christian traditions that use Magic or witchcraft-it is not against their Gods.
    and Magick and Magic are the same thing.


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