Is it a time and space continuum that gives credibility and validity to consciousness? True or False Why? ?






  1. False.
    Rene* and Al** and Jean*** are all screaming at me to beseech thee to “Be still and know that I am…[insert optional authority here].”
    Rene wiped the slate clean and still got the I am part.
    Al knew enough about what he didn’t know to deem conciousness as an undifferentiated continuum. [Emphasis on un in the undifferentiated]
    Jean would have you dwell a bit on the chicken and egg, er, essence and existence. To paraphrase, creation/destruction occur in a time and space context, where in pure conciousness, both terms are delusionary.****

  2. Generally, physics is considered to be our reality. The matter-energy residing within space-time continuum feels real to our senses. However, note that our senses of reality are neither complete nor flawless. Eg. we do not see infra red nor ultra violet, nor is our vision perfect at all circumstances. Those are just few of many limits of that notion of reality.
    Without a complete picture, our reality is merely one objective perspective specific to our standard and scale. Even that varies amount individuals subjectively.
    Physicists currently seek to unify the 4 forces of our reality, but even if they are successful, there would still be one fundamental between nothing and something. In metaphysics, we understand the limits of physics and deduced that there is always more outside of knowledge. Hence, the deduction seems to regress infinitely.
    No matter how fundamental we get, there is always going to be a gap between something and nothing and therefore there is no telling how much smaller the fundamental could be broken down.
    What is valid and credible depends on the standard and scale reality is measured against. In the context of physics, space-time continuum seems to “give” rise to consciousness. However, that is only one standard of perspective amount human beings in general.

  3. Buenas noches Hector….
    You and your “time & space” continuum….questions….Oh my lord,,…such heavy stuff on christmas eve….Get loose, Hector….There’s a time & place for everything ! Why don’t you celebrate christmas with your family like everyone else???
    I sure wish you a very merry christmas and all the best for the new year ! Greetings from Germany with all my love…Your friend…Annette***

  4. It is the opposite. It is consciousness that brings time and space into being.
    If there was no consciousness, then there would be nothing to experience the universe and if there is nothing experiencing than how can we say there is something to experience? Or flip that: if there is something to experience, than something must be experiencing it.
    Time does not exist. It is a way the mind organizes events in the past and creates memory. Outside of the mind there is only now therefore time is an illusion. If there is no consciousness of a mind that experiences time than time does not exist.

  5. From Plato’s Cave analogy, Shakespere’s “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet..” and Magrette’s “This is not a pipe” we’ve felt about for the discontinuity between an object in space-time, and our labeling of it and it’s qualities in our memories as ordered and maintained by our consciousness. Our consciousness (and subconscious) is the self referential part of ourselves that straddles the percepual stream – coloring and filtering it before it makes it into memories.
    Who seeks credibility and validity? To/from whom? Sounds like the self wanting acknowledgment from other selves, that their labeling is at least recognizably similar to the other by the sharing of our labels.
    I would say false.. it is the sharing of our labels that we can then apply the label of “Valid”

  6. true/false. if you believe that there is no life after death then it is true that time and space is what gives credibility and validity to consciousness.note that we cant exist outside space and therefore while we are in space we are able to be for a believer of the afterlife this would be false.if you believe in life after death you are able to remain conscious because there life exist only as dream or if not dreams you are by god’s side or satan and this two identities do not need space to live.hope i gave you an idea of it because i can make things more clear but it will take more writing.

  7. in our limited understanding of consciousness..maybe…although there are altered states of consciousness that many claim to be more real than our commonly understood concept of ..we hardly know….and do we even know if my experience of consciousness is the same as yours?? and although most may think it is a constant state…is it really?? or is consciousness itself always in a state of flux?

  8. False.
    Our memories give validity to consciousness.
    The space and time continuum allow life to progress at the pace in which we live it, but without our memories … why have a life at all?

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