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Is it a sin to play a warlock on World of Warcraft or do all Christians have to be paladins and priests?


  1. it’s a matter of the heart. if you’re letting being a fake worlock seep into your heart it’s as bad as doing real witchcraft.

  2. They like to be priests cause all christians like molestation like Jesus, read the Secret Gospel of Mark which the church left out of the bible cause Jesus is gay in it and hangs out naked with other men and they fondle one another.

  3. used to play WoW, and my main was an undead lock. nothing wrong with playing a lock, besides its fun to see all the alliance twink rogues squirm in PVP.

  4. Wow. Obsiouly you haven’t experienced God. Having god in your life is not boring at all. There’s something new everyday. I wouldn’t call it a sin, but if you could know the full potential of God, you would totaly prefer being with him than anything else in this world. he is the only thing/one that has given me a TRUE happiness.

  5. You say that in jest, but I have known people that only played Paladins and Clerics. Heck, I was one when D&D was out. It has to do with the level of maturity and what one plays.


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