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Is it a sin to hang Buddha pictures throughout your room?

im a devout catholic. i go to church every week. im asian and i wanted to decorate my room and asian/ japanese zen theme. i was thinking of hanging some buddha pictures as art and to go with the theme. i told my mom and she said no right away and that if i do hang them, i would go to hell. im not gonna give up my religion and follow buddhism. ITS JUST FOR DECORATING PURPOSES ONLY.


  1. That would be ironic, considering how much
    Christianity has stolen from Buddhism.
    Your mother is probably confused and thinks your willingly attempting
    to commit ‘idolatry’ (because it isn’t Jesus or Mary, or some such).

  2. Of course not. Buddha and Jesus used to hang out together all the time.
    They even share some of the same parables, like the prodigal son for example. Plus they were both born without their mothers having sex lol

  3. Only if ya don’t care that your inviting the devil to sleep with ya. It almost always starts as a simple, non-intrusive thing, and escalates from there.

  4. lol. nothing wrong with it as long as you are not worshipping the buddha…which buddhists do not do, btw. and your mom is an example of a brainwashing christian.

  5. not at all – given the guide you placed on it. the buddha was a great thinker and a great man. to deny him that honor would be wrong. there is nothing wrong with a picture of the buddha, nor kenedy, or any other person of history.

  6. That’s nice that it’s for decorating purposes only, but have you thought about what kind of witness this is to Buddhists that don’t know Jesus and are going to hell? The Bible teaches us to be thoughtful and intentional in our actions. So your priority of decorating your room although it sounds totally innocent, is not intentionally Christian.
    Also you are causing your parents worry and stress over decorations. So that doesn’t sound like you are putting others before yourself as Jesus taught. You asked. I’m telling you the truth.

  7. I don’t believe you’ll go to hell. I think it should be fine as long as you don’t start worshiping the pictures.

  8. There isn’t really much of a conflict between the teachings of Jesus and Siddhartha. Universal brotherhood and love for the meek won’t damn you to hell.
    And it’s always good to celebrate one’s heritage.

  9. Buddha isn’t a God, nor does Buddhism have a God.
    You would think for being Asians you would know this, but I guess that’s just a nasty stereotype.

  10. If you are under 18, your parents have the right to ask not to do what they asked you. If you are paying for the room, then you have all the right to do whatever you please. Respect you parents as long as they make sense.

  11. i seem to recall that those not against christ are for christ, so then if you can find nothing against christ in buddha then go for it,
    made again of the lowest of the people priests of the high places: whosoever would, he consecrated him, and he became one of the priests of the high places.

  12. The local Catholic priest once delivered a marvellous and memorable sermon about the evils of believing in hell. There is no hell. Hell is a medieval western construct thought up to keep attractive women from taking their panties off. So forget about hell. The bible says that worshipping idols, or having other idols before God is a sin. Also , no worshipping of false prophets. I can see where your Mother’s concern lies though. Statues and representations of Buddha are representations of someone else’s idol. They may have more meaning for her than you. Why dont you go for something less controversial like a picture of a monk or a temple or a peaceful landscape??

  13. Check out what it says in the Bible about engraven images, and then tell your mom that she’s a hypocrite if she thinks Christian iconography is okay. A lot of Christians have statuettes of Jesus in their homes, cars and offices, and I suspect your mother is no different. If your mom is able to see the flaw in this and realize that she’s not perfect, she might allow you some freedom to make some (as she sees them) mistakes too.

  14. You could always tell her that Christ chilled with Buddhist Monks for a while ^_^ Cause he did.
    -Buddha’s not a god
    -How does hanging a picture incur god’s wrath? Please have her explain this; I’d like to know.
    As long as you aren’t worshiping it, I really don’t see the problem.

  15. I’m not too sure if it’s a sin or not, but I’m buddhist, and my sister asked my dad if she can wear a cross neckalace, my dad said sure, but my mom said no. Both my parents are buddhist, and my moms half asian. She said that if a cross is brought into the house, we would be haunted by ghost, and stuff. After hearing that, I never bought a cross or anything into my house, not saying I believe I would be haunted but just as a way of following my religion.

  16. I can’t say whether it’s a sin, but you might consider whether it’s rude. What would you think of a Buddhist who wanted to hang icons and pictures of the saints “just for decorating purposes only”? I mean what would you think of the respect he was showing, not his taste in decorating.

  17. I find it highly amusing that the concept of ‘hell’ is being used to keep you in line.
    Regardless, Buddha is the kind of dude who only really cares if you use his name the wrong way – but he can’t do anything about it even if you do, because he has no power over the earthly realm. Dude’s not a god nor is he God, he’s a teacher like the many Buddha’s before him.
    That being said, I think Christians/Catholics can answer your question better than I can (I’m Buddhist). I’m not offended at all if you want to hang a picture of Buddha there – dude’s too cool for his own good sometimes, and hanging his picture there isn’t going to bring hell and fire on you from the Buddhist point of view, unless you disrespect the idea of Buddhism by doing really bad stuff like murder etc. even with the picture of Buddha around as a reminder to not kill (and yeah, Jesus too says don’t kill)
    I think you’re pretty safe and set to go. Tell your mother that your faith in god is strong enough not to be swayed by a few pictures. If she’s really instilling the fear of hell in you rather than the love of god, I might ask her to rethink what Catholicism/Christianity means.
    I may sound rather rude, but the mere idea of ‘hell and fire’ as a threat for not converting or persuading people not to do perfectly harmless things really grates on my nerves.

  18. Maybe you should inform your mother that the Buddha is actually included as a saint (or rather as two saints) in the Martyrologium of the Roman Catholic Church, on 27 November:
    http://www.domcentral.org/life/martyr11.htm#1127 (see: Barlaam and Josaphat)
    The original Christian version of the legend of the Buddha:
    More information on how the story of the Buddha was eventually “christianized”:
    And if you doubt it’s true, even the Catholic Encyclopedia actually says the same:


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